Andrej'sThank you for visiting Andrej’s European Pastry, a licensed specialty bakery that ships our tasty Walnut Potica throughout the United States.

We are proud to present Potica – our fine delicacy to you.

With ethnic Slovak roots and an original Slovak recipe handed down by my mother, I have been making Potica for over 30 years. Potica has been a special recipe baked throughout the year as a gift for family and friends. It is called Potica (pronounced Po-tee-sa).

The thinly rolled gourmet sweet bread dough with a moist walnut filling is uniquely soft and rich – so rich and delicious that it is easy to understand why this fine food recipe has endured generation to generation.

In addition to Walnut Potica, we also offer a delicate, delicious Poppy Seed Potica (roll). It’s an old-world taste treat – just like grandma made.

Our award-winning Potica is always fresh with a shelf life of three weeks. If frozen, it will last up to six months with no loss of taste. There are no artificial ingredients in our potica.

Our experience has been that if you try our Potica, you will love it!

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Ján Gadzo
Andrej’s European Pastry